I stepped tentatively, hands shaking as I twisted the door nob and walked into the Pastor’s office. The Pastor sat cross-legged on a black swivel chair in a room that screamed ‘bourgeois’. His head tilted to the side as he spoke softly on his phone. He tapped a finger rapidly against the large brown table in the middle of the room then beckoned me to come closer till I sat on the chair opposite him. He hung the call and gave me a wide smile as he leaned forward to speak to me. “Cynthia,” He said, “I’ve been seriously praying for you.” I sat back surprised by his god-awful breath.

“Really?” I managed to respond.

“Yes,” he said and walked around the table toward me. He picked up a bible on the table and opened it to a page he had dog-eared. “In the book of 1 Samuel 17:51, the Philistines attacked David, and he drew his sword from its sheath and slew the champion of the Philistines and the rest saw and fled. My dear, you must be prepared to defeat your enemies before they take your life.”

The Session

“God forbid!” I hissed. He smiled and said. “ I’ve been noticing you in the congregation for some time that’s why I had to intervene in the spirit.”

He placed a hand on my head then the other above my breasts. I was so shocked I didn’t move. “In Jesus’ name!” He screamed. “Every demonic spirit, against your progress must die by fire.”

“Rakarasukabaya!” he shouted and his hand moved lower down my breasts. He moved his fingers slowly as he screamed ridiculous chants, his pinky grazed my nipple and I flinched. That is enough!

I screamed and fell over his feet. He stepped back surprised as I shouted: “Pastor, the demon is overwhelming me!”

I started to convulse, and the man stared back at me confused. I stood up from the chair and threw myself against his table, sliding from right to left. I pushed his phone to the floor and stomped on the screen. He shouted, and I shouted louder. By this time, other pastors opened the room door and started praying. I smiled as I saw Mr. Pastor praying silently as he eyed his phone screen. I stood up slowly and thanked the other pastors as I made my way out of the room.

Come and touch breast, fool!

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