*knock* *knock*

The door opened a crack as two bloodshot eyes searched through eagerly. They widened in surprise and a set of thick black fingers quickly disappeared behind the door frame propelling it to lock. There was a click and a rattle of chains as the door opened again, this time in full.

“Oh my God!” Mr. Ojo — a man in his mid-forties dressed in a standard white Lux singlet and blue Ankara wrapper — stood by the entrance at shoulder level with his expected guest. He stared down at two melon shaped breasts and grinning, he stepped aside for his visitor to enter. She took a step in but Ojo’s eyes widened suddenly and with the thrust of his arm he stopped her midway.

“I’m sorry,” he said. “But are you Scarlet 323?”

Two plump red painted lips spread in a wide smile. “Yes, I am,” she replied.

“Sorry I just wanted to be sure, Please come in!” Ojo grinned and stepped aside for her to fully enter the room.

She sashayed toward a bed and Ojo’s eyes stayed set on the round contour of her backside beneath the black velvet skirt of her gown. She sat quietly on the bed eying Ojo through long thick black lashes.

He stared back at her mesmerized, “Do you want me to get you anything?” he asked impulsively.

“Like what?” she replied in a low voice.

“Anything you want,” Ojo laughed. “Even if it’s a house Ojosky will get it for you.”

“I’m actually a little bit hungry,” She said as she scanned the cloth tightly knotted around Ojo’s waist.

Ojo raced toward a telephone on a small square table opposite the room’s door — completely oblivious of her intent — and dialed a number.

“What food would you like?” he turned back to her.

She stared back at him surprised and amused then said “Jellof rice and chicken.”

Ojo nodded and mumbled a bunch of instructions at the receiver for the meal to be delivered.

“Can I use the bathroom?” She asked softly.

“Yes, of course,” Ojo replied.

She walked toward the bathroom door, entered then quietly locked it. Ojo’s eyes followed her as a thought flashed through his mind he grabbed his groin and licked his lips.

In the bathroom, Scarlet stared at her reflection on a square cut mirror screwed to a blue tiled wall. She ran her fingertip across her mascara-coated lashes then studied them through twin brown eyes, her small oval shaped face only made her eyes appear bigger.

She smiled down at her dress, the deep black velvet clung on to her nutmeg colored skin like a lover’s grasp. The V-shaped neckline gave room for the right amount of cleavage and Scarlet pushed her chest forward as she studied her breasts.

A lock of her thick black braided hair fell across her chest, Scarlet reached behind her head and pulled out the band holding the rest hostage. Thick black braids fell across her breasts and face and Scarlet exhaled.

She thought about Ojo, his full round belly, his thick arms and legs, the fat folds of skin around his neck and moaned. Oh God, she thought I want to bite him.

Scarlet gripped the hem of her dress, pulled up and slipped smoothly out of it revealing a strapless red one-piece corset underneath. Thick smooth brown ropes were tightly wrapped around Scarlet’s waist like rings and she unraveled them. The tail of a whip was strapped alongside the ropes and she slipped it free then stretched it along the bathroom floor. I should have carried a gag she thought as she accessed the items. She balled her dress, kicked free her flat red cover shoes and carried all of it out of the room.

Ojo stared wide-eyed at the girl’s transformation. She wore what looked like a red swimsuit, carried thick ropes, and what resembled a long koboko.

“Ha!” he gasped. “What are those things for?” he asked.

She ignored the question and reaching between her breasts she unearthed a small lace mask. She dropped the items to the floor and strapped it across her face then took several quick steps toward Ojo.

He stared at her wide-eyed and confused as she pulled at the hem of his singlet ripping it off his body. Ojo opened his mouth to speak but she stroked her tongue across his lips then sucked on them. She trailed wet kisses along his jaw, by his ear and down the side of his neck then bit the soft skin.

“Gently,” Ojo hissed and pushed back. He palmed the side of his neck and felt the sharp sting of a fresh wound. “You injured me.”

“Sorry,” she replied and kissed him on his cheek before grabbing both his hands and placing them on her breasts. Ojo squeezed the pair eagerly, before pulling down the corset to reveal two dark brown nipples. Ojo palmed one and sucked on the other.

Scarlet moaned and pressed her body closer to his, Ojo wrapped an arm around her waist to keep her in place then switched his mouth to the other breast. Scarlet screamed in excitement and licked the sweat across his forehead. Ojo looked up and she pulled his face up to meet hers as she sucked his lips and tongue. She ran her tongue from the side of his mouth down his throat and sucked on where she had beaten. Ojo grabbed her round bum and squeezed her closer to him, pushing his erect groin against her stomach. Scarlet wrapped her legs around his waist and Ojo held her in place with both his hands around her ass.

“Oh baby,” Ojo moaned as he rubbed his erection against her own. He reached between them and struggled to untie the thick knot of his wrapper when a knock sounded through the door. They both froze and turn to stare at the closed room door.

“Is the door locked?” Scarlet asked.

Ojo opened his mouth to answer but another knock sounded through.

“Who is that idiot?” Ojo roared.

“Oga, its room service.” a voice replied from behind the closed door. “You ordered for Jellof rice.”

Scarlet quickly untangled herself from him and Ojo stomped toward the door. He opened it abruptly, startling the waitress.

“Good evening sir,” The waitress greeted as Ojo grabbed the silver tray filled with food from her hands and slammed the door against her.

“Sir!” she called as she knocked again.

Ojo opened the door and glared at the woman. “What is wrong with you, are you mad!” he screamed.

“Sir, you haven’t given me the money for the food, its hotel policy that-”

“How much is it?” Ojo interrupted.

“It’s three thousand five hundred Naira sir,” she replied.

Ojo raced inside the room and came back out with a hand full of Naira notes. He shoved them at the waitress and slammed the door close, this time with the audible click-clack of metal locks being put in place. He threw the small tray on the reading table by the desk phone and walked hurriedly toward Scarlet. She laid with her legs wide apart on the white-clothed bed and he laid on top of her kissing, pulling and pushing against every visible part of her body. He removed his wrapper and pulled down his boxer short underneath. Scarlet pushed him back against the bed as she grabbed and stroked his member.

“Oh baby, we must die here today!” Ojo cried from pleasure.

Scarlet suddenly stepped off the bed and reached for something underneath. Ojo stared down as she brought out the ropes, each cut in an even length.

“Baby, there is no need for that,” he laughed. “Ojosky will give it to you well.”

Scarlet ran the ropes between her legs, wetting them with her arousal and walked closer to him.

“You are a freak,” he grinned.

Scarlet licked her lips as she pulled at one of his legs. Ojo lifted it freely allowing her to tie a rope around it then the other. She dragged the end of the rope toward a window protector by the head of the bed and tied it on the firm metal bares.

Ojo pulled his legs back a bit but could barely move them. “That is very tight.” he frowned.

Scarlet smiled and spread her legs over his belly, she leaned forward pushing her breasts against his face as she wrapped both his arms in ropes. Ojo smiled up at her as she pulled the rope down toward the base of the bed knotting it around opposite foots of the bed. She pulled at the rope but the knot stayed firmly clasped and she smiled.

Ojo stared back at her, star-fished on the bed. He licked his lips as sweat began to form across his forehead.Scarlet pulled the corset down her slender form and stood completely naked. Ojo gasped as he stared at her, she had two well-rounded breasts and a waist so small it seemed almost impossible for her to be built like that. The only thing he didn’t like about her were her arms, they seemed too muscular for the slender beauty of her form. She stood very still, letting him stare till his heart’s content.

“Baby, come to me,” Ojo moaned and Scarlet smiled.

She pushed her breasts toward his face and Ojo grabbed the opportunity by licking them. Scarlet laughed and pushed them closer, Ojo sucked on the smooth skin, maneuvering his mouth toward the nipple. Scarlet pulled back and Ojo looked up just as her balled up gown descended upon his face. He screamed but was choked by the fabric as Scarlet pushed down harder. He pulled at his hands and feet but they stayed in their tied up position.


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“Stop!” he screamed as his head began to spin.

Scarlet watched his body struggle less and less until he didn’t seem capable of moving. She removed the cloth and Ojo gasped for air. She walked away from the bed toward his discarded singlet and balled it. She headed back to the bed and shoved it into Ojo’s mouth as far down his throat as possible. Ojo choked and coughed as Scarlet stepped aside to get her whip. She grinned down at his naked body, raised the whip and lashed his belly. Ojo screamed and choked on the fabric.

The wipe landed against his skin again and he felt the sharp sting of a new wound. Scarlet hopped on it as eagerly as a child, licking and sucking on the sore. She dug her fingers into it widening the wound, she sucked harder on the fresh blood, slurping, and moaning as she swallowed. She let out a deep sigh and moved opposite the bed to a nearby television. She turned it on and up to the noisiest station she could find and walked back around to the bed. Scarlet turned as she noticed the silver tray on the table. She scanned through the cutleries and picked out a small silver knife from the set.

Ojo screamed and kicked as he saw Scarlet move closer with the knife. She knelt beside him and spread apart the skin of his stomach with her fingers then started cutting into it. The silver blade cut into Ojo’s skin and a small drop of blood slide down the side of his stomach. Ojo screamed and choked as the pain blinded him. He cried as Scarlet’s wet tongue licked, and sucked on his wound. He felt her gulp and drag open the cut, widening it.

Help! He mumbled as Scarlet took the knife to him again. He felt the pain shoot through his legs and Scarlet licked and sucked eagerly. He felt her nails dig in deeper, tearing the wound further.

He tastes divine she thought as she eyed the plump round body. She felt the blood burn through her and down to her stomach. It was like drinking life — hot and delicious. She heard her stomach rumble, I need more, she gasped. She turned towards his arm and ran her tongue along the skin. She drew in his scent, enjoying the sweet mix of copper and salt in the air.

She took the knife and pushed it into the smooth crevices of his arm. Ojo screamed and struggled but scarlet pushed the knife deeper. She smelt the blood and started salivating. She gave the knife one hard thrust and broke the skin into his vein. Scarlet screamed in delight as fresh blood flowed down Ojo’s arm. She took her tongue to it and her eyes rolled back, “Oh my God!” she screamed and her body convulsed from the intensity of it. She gasped opened mouthed and shivered as the blood flowed down her fingers then her wrist. Scarlet licked and sucked the blood off and Ojo let out a long cry as fresh drops of tears flowed down the side of his face. He watched her lift his arm to her mouth and drink his blood, She swallowed in large gulps draining him dry. Ojo stared up at the ceiling and the plain white faded into a foggy black mist. In the mist, he saw the face of his wife and his five children. He called their names but they couldn’t hear him. He cried harder as their faces began to fade into the misty darkness too and soon he felt the darkness consume him as he laid paralyzed and blinded by it.

Scarlet drank as much blood from the arm as she could and wondered if she should open another wound. She rose but almost fell to the ground, she felt full and dizzy. She had never tasted blood so intoxicating. She laughed as she rose slowly from the floor and walked toward the bathroom. She washed the leftover blood from her mouth and fingers. She smiled at the lazy drop of her eyes, she couldn’t sleep now when she still had one more ‘friend’ to visit. The thought of it reenergized her.

Scarlet cleaned off her wet fingers and mouth as thoroughly as she always had. She even went as far as checking between her toes. She walked back into the hotel room and picked up her dress. It was wrinkled but it would do. She picked up the whip and the remaining rope from underneath the bed, wore her corset and wrapped the ropes and whip around her waist before slipping on the dress.

She walked toward the hotel room door and turned to check the time on the evening news displaying on the television screen. 7: 45 pm, I should hurry she thought. “I promised I’ll meet her by 8.” She slammed the hotel door and adjusted her mask. She took several steps down the corridor and smiled.

I wonder what she tastes like, she thought.

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