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So, my name is Sholaye, and I’m a storyteller. I like to tell stories, whether it’s about an event, brand, idea, or product. I’m fascinated by people, from what they want to what they hope to achieve, and it is a constant inspiration for my work. A great day for me would be one where I’m in a room brainstorming, writing, and munching on a pack of ripe plantain chips. 

Most of what I know, I learned myself, but I did go to school (University of Benin) and got a degree (B.sc) after a few years. There, I learned the beauty of marketing and strategizing, which I inputted in my work as a Copywriter, Content creator, and strategist for blogs and brands like Opera News, Ellae Branding Agency, and MyPaddi. I also co-founded an animation group called Sync animation studios and Launched a web series called “Diary of a Sapele girl.”

I enjoy reading because I like acquiring new information and I enjoy dancing because why not? To me, every day offers a new adventure and opportunity to learn, grow, and crease. If you would like us to have a conversation, then you can reach me here. Also, check out my work by clicking here.

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